Starter Kit with ATMEL AT91SAM9G45

JTAG Emulator   Evaluation Board   Software

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   Key Features
For an easy and quick start the package includes:
An Evaluation Board with power supply
A PEEDI debug tool with power supply
Windows CE 6.0
Eclipse - an open source IDE (screenshot)
GNU Tools (compiler, linker, debugger, etc.)
KaeilOS/OpenEmbedded Distribution
ARM Cross Development Guide
Ronetix-toolset ARM - Windows Installer which includes GNU toolchain (not based on Cygwin), Eclipse + Zylin plug-in
Base board schematics
The Evaluation Board consists of a CPU Module and a Base Board:
MCU: AT91SAM9G45, 400 MHz ARM926EJ-S processor
128 MiB DDR2 SDRAM, 16-bit access, 133 MHz
256 MiB NAND Flash (bootable, see note)
4 MiB SPI Flash (bootable, optional, see note)
10/100 MBit/s Ethernet
Serial number chip DS2401
MicroSD card slot
Audio Codec
LCD and Touchscreen interface
7.0" LCD Display 800x480 GATW70SP8H1R0 (optional)
1x USB Host/Device OTG(On-The-Go) port
1x USB Host port
4x RS232
1x RS485 (commutable for RS232)
Linear regulator for permanent 3.3V
Selectable power supply: 5V or 10-24V
Battery for the MCU backup section (optional)
WiFi module SPB105 or SPB106 (optional)
Product list
Note:PEEDI can easily program Flash, NAND Flash and DataFlash devices using the JTAG interface
  Note: The DataFlash is optional. Get in contact with Ronetix sales for information.
AT91SAM9G45 Key Features:
- 400 MHz ARM926EJ-S
- DSP Instruction Extensions
- ARM Jazelle Technology
- 32 KiB Data Cache
- 32 KiB Instruction Cache
- Memory Management Unit
- Dual External Bus Interface
- DMA Controller
- DDR2 Interface
- AC97 Interface
- Embedded ICE
- 128 KiB Internal ROM
- 64 KiB Internal SRAM
- 324 balls TFBGA
- Low power, Vcore 1.0V
Download Ronetix-toolset ARM
ARM Cross Development Guide
Linux Install Readme
SK-PM9G45 Datasheet
PEEDI User's Manual
Application notes
Eclipse User Guide