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High Speed JTAG/BDM/SWD Emulator and Flash Programmer
Time and Cost effective solutions
All ARM7, ARM9, ARM11 and XScale based MCUs
ARM Cortex M0, M3, M4, M7, A5, A8, A9, A15, A53
Power QUICC II Pro - MPC83xx
Power QUICC III - MPC85xx
Power QorIQ - P1010, P1020, P2040, P4080, T1040
Power Architecture MPC51xx, MPC52xx, MPC55xx, MPC56xx, MPC57xx
PowerPC PPC405, PPC440, APM82xxx
ColdFire MCF52xx, MCF53xx, MCF54xx
Analog Devices Blackfin BF50x, BF53x, BF60x, BF70x
Multi Core support - up to 4 cores
Built in support for GNU gdb, Eclipse
Target Flash Memory Programming: NOR Flash, NAND Flash, OneNAND, AT45DB DataFlash, SPI Flash, MMC/SD, eMMC, I2C EEPROM, FPGA/CPLD
Internal Flash of popular microcontrollers
JFFS2, YAFFS2 File Systems support with various methods of software and hardware ECC
Build-in JBC Player
Standalone Flash Programmer
10/100 Mbits Ethernet Host Interface
Linux Kernel and Applications debugging
OS independent support for "info threads"
Firmware release notes
CPU Module with SAMA5D3 series NEW!
CPU Module with AT91SAM9X5 series NEW!
CPU Module with AT91SAM9G45
CPU Module with AT91SAM9263
CPU Module with AT91SAM9261
Date News
12-03-2020 Firmware release v20.3.0: (Full release notes)
- add support for some 1.8V SPI NOR Flash devices
- PowerPC e500: add printing of message when overriding the RCW
- "mem read": fix bug when reading more then 1K bytes
- P101x: fix the problem in nand_get_id() when reading the ONFI structure
- fix problem with TRST signal
- add support for SPI NOR FLash W25Q32JV
- add support for bitwise NOT
For example:
mem write 0 ~7
mem and 0 ~0x3F

- add printing of info message when waiting for RST to become high
- add support for MPC5200 core revision 1.1, PVR 0x80822011
- MPC83XX NAND Flash Programming: add possibility to force setting or clearing of FMR[ECCM]
- MPC83XX NAND Flash programming: fix possible memory corruption
12-11-2019 Firmware release v19.11.0: (Full release notes)
- add support for SPI NOR Flash Programming for Freescale T1040 eSPI
- add support for SPI NOR Flash Programming for Freescale QSPI: LS1012A, i.MX7
- add support for SPI NOR Flash N25Q512A (only 3-bytes address mode, 16MB)
- add support for SPI NOR Flash N25Q032A
- add support for SPI NOR Flash S25FL0128L and S25FL0256L
- add support for STM32F469, STM32F479
- LS1012A - add RCW overriding
- fixed bug in MPC8260 and MPC5200 when reading from memory
- add support for periodic task per core: COREn_PERIODIC_TASK
- don't print "script execution time" when called from periodic task
08-07-2019 Firmware release v19.7.0: (Full release notes)
- fix a crash when multi-platform configuration is used for targets that don't support this.
For example:
PLATFORM = Cortex-A, Cortex-M ; used in firmware versions before 19.6.1

Since firmware v19.6.1 should be used:


- fix crash at some targets when use the CLI command 'core'
- fix a bug where the CLI command's help is truncated.
- fix bug where 'mem load' doesn't work on Altera Cyclone V
- add support for MPC5676
- fix bug with the RESET type of MPX5xxx
12-06-2019 Firmware release v19.6.1: (Full release notes)
- add configuration parameter RESET_TYPE, for example:
RESET_TYPE = ICEPICK-D, 9, 0 ; enable TAP9, no warm reset

- add configuration parameter CORE_DAPPC (used by some TI CPUs)
- add support for MPC5748G, MPC574x/B/C/G
- add programming support for Kinetis K27, K28
- add support for Kinetis KE0x (KE02, KE04, KE06) and KEA
(KAE8, KAE32, KAE64, KAE128) series
- added support for Atmel SAMC2x MCUs

- add SPI Flash devices: M25PX80, M25PX16, M25PX32, M25PX64, MX25L3233F
- add WINBOND SPI NOR Flash W25X40EW, W25X40EC, W25Q40CC, W25Q16BV

- fix problem when target is detached and performing a reset. Now all signals are in TRI state (with 10k pull-up).

- fix bug when running a script located on a separate file.
- fix bug where PEEDI restart when configuration file is not parsed and "target detach"

- improve "memory test" command.
Now is possible to test 'count' times 32 bytes at 'address' incremented with 'step'. The length 32 bytes is fixed and can not be changed.

For example:
memory test 0x20000000 1024*8 1024*1024*512/8

The above command test first 32 bytes of every 8KB from 512MB total memory. It is helpful for finding disconnected address or bank DDR signals.

- AT91SAM7A3 - fix bug with the lock regions.
- AT91SAM7 - fix bug when programing the second Flash bank

- nRF5 - add DIRECT programming mode additionally to AGENT.
- MCF5206, MCF5208 - fix problem with NOR Flash programming
- MPC8300 - fix problem with MT29F1G08ABAFAWP
- VF65GS10 - fix ROM table scanning

- add support for multiple cores debugging via one TAP controller using different AP (Access Ports)
- add configuration parameter CORE_APSEL
- add printing of detailed ROM table info
- add printing of found access ports

- PPC400 - add support for 'mem management tlbc', 'set tlb' is obsolete and not supported.

- add possibility to disable the TRST pulse:

- Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ - fix connect procedure
- fix bug where scripts are executed always for core 0.
Now the scripts are executed with the current core.
- gdb support - fix bug where a 64-bit address was converted wrongly. The address 0xFFFF0000 was wrongly converted to 0xFFFFFFFF_FFFF0000

- add support for ELF64 files
- fix a bug where an ELF file might be parsed incorrect
- fix a bug when parsing ELF32 big endian
- add prefix to the console prompt which show the current core
- add CTI support for ARMv8
- fix CTI support for ARMv7
- add CP15 registers for ARMv8
- add command 'amp'

- add AT45_FLASH because in Fw. 18.5.1 by mistake was used this name. AT45_DATAFLASH is also permitted.

- make possible using of following commands when no target power:
flash find
flash area add
flash area delete
flash area list
03-05-2018 Firmware release v18.5.1: (Full release notes)
- added programming support for TMS570 (L2FMC)
- added programming support for ATSAME51, ATSAMD10, ATSAMD20
- added programming support for Nordic Semiconductor nRF52xx, nRF51xxx
- added programming support for NXP Kinetis K27, K28 and almost all other families
- i.MX6: added support for ECSPI2, ECSPI3, ECSPI4, ECSPI5
- i.MX6 - fixed bug when used SPI Flash with write buffer
- i.MX6 - added parsing from configuration file of parameter nSPI
- XScale: added info message "please ensure that nRESET is not wired
to nTRST" when PEEDI can not connect to the TAP controller
- MPC83xx (e300) - fixed bug whete the CR was not correctly restored
- added functionality for testing of NAND Flash devices. A NAND Flash
device can be tested in two ways:
1. Using "flash test ADDR LEN"
This command erase the whole flash and then program and verify the
given area with two pattern. At the end the whole device is erased.
The bad blocks will be skipped, but the tested area will be not expanded.
The new detected bad block are listed, but not marked.

2. Using defining of one or more test areas and then test all of them.
flash area delete ; delete all regions

; add two test regions
flash area add 0x00000000 2048*64*5
flash area add 0x00100000 2048*64*2

; list all defined regions
flash area list

; start testing of all previously defined regions
flash area test

; start testing of all previously defined regions
; and mark the bad blocks
flash area test markbad

- fixed bug in telnetd_prompt_set() when PEEDI is configured to work with
DHCPD, but no RJ45 cable is plugged. The result of the bug was
"exception error 4"

- MPC57xx - fixed bug when unable to connect to second core
11-12-2017 Firmware release v17.12.0: (Full release notes)
- CORTEX-A: implemented new universal method for core description in the configuration file
- added support for i.MX6 SoloX

- NAND Flash: added OOB type RAW_SKIP, same as RAW, but the bad block are skipped
- NAND Flash: added parameter AUTO_VERIFY. If yes, then the agent verify the
programmed image
- NAND Flash: added "flash this marbad" command which mark one block as bad
- NAND Flash: when AT91 PMECC is used, then "flash info" prints the number of ECC too
- NAND Flash i.MX - fixed bug where reading from 4K page NAND Flash devices was wrong

- NOR Flash: modified to support NOR Flash devices with up to 512 bytes write buffer
- NOR Flash: fixed bug when program with auto erase and address out of range
- NOR Flash: fixed bug when "flash blank" address is out of range

- SPI Flash: added support for MX25L3206E, MT25QL064, MT25QL128,
MT25QL256, MT25QL512, MT25QL01G, MT25QL02G

- Vref is printed every time when PEEDI is connecting to the target
- fixed bug where the RST was not low after PEEDI's power up

- "memory test" now don't stop after the first error
- "memory test" when read/write error, print exactly error message
- "memory speed" prints the READ and WRITE values

- added a multi-core example for LPC4337
- fixed support for MPC8560, added LOOP startup mode

- MPC55xx, MPC56xx: fixed bug when programming middle or high flash bank
- MPC55xx, MPC56xx: fixed bug when programming a flash bank with 16KB first sector
- fixed bug when programming MPC551x in BookE mode
- added core type MPC5xxx_BOOKE which forces using of BookE CPU instruction set
- removed error message when no section "ACTIONS"
- fixed bug when section name is a number (for example 10)
- changed 7-segment error code when starting a script with a button from "4" to "E"

- JBC Player: added 7-segment rotation when JTAG activity
- JBC Player: added parsing of CORE_PATH
- JBC Player: modified to return an error code when JAM STAPL prints an error message
13-09-2016 Firmware release v16.9.0: (Full release notes)
- Added sending of target descriptions to gdb via qXfer:features:read packet.
- Added support for Freescale's Power e5500 64-bit core
- Added support for MIPS64
- Added preliminary support for ARMv8 (CORTEX-A53, CORTEX-A57)
- Added support for LS1021A
- Added support for LS10121A NAND programming
- Added support for STM32F030xC, STM32-L01x, L02x, L03x, L04x, L07x, L08x
- Added support for Blackfin BF50x, BF60x, BF70x
- Added support for NXP SPIFI
- Added support for Freescale MPC8200
- Added support for MPC57xx
- Added support for MPC5743R FLASH programming
- Added support for MPC5745R FLASH programming
- Added support for MPC5675 FLASH programming
- Added support for Power e200 VLE enabled cores
- Added support for Power e200 multi core support, switching the JTAG sub-TAP
- Added support for Power cores to be released from reset later and connected to
- Added support for NAND FLASH for Freescale T1040
08-01-2015 Firmware release v15.1.1:
- Added TI OMAP5 support (OMAP5432)
- NAND Flash - fixed error output ("offset=")
- MPC83XX NAND Flash - automatically set bit PGS in OR1 depending on NAND page size
- STM32: added support for "SERIAL_NUM"
- added printing of ONFI signature read from NAND when the ID is not valid
- Intel Strata NOR Flash - added support for reading and writing of protected registers
05-11-2014 Firmware release v14.11.0:
- added support for SPI Flash S29FL512S
- auto-detecting of Kinetis flash devices
- fixed support for S25FL512SAGBHI310
- MPC55xx, MPC56xx: fixed bug when erasing sectors
- added support for ATMEL SAM4E
- added support for eMMC programming of partitions
- fixed support for select partitions for eMMC devices
- mx6_spi.cfg: added new parameter "PARTITION"
- STM32: fixed a bug when flash base address is 0x8000000
- atsama5d3.cfg: added comment how to enable the JTAG interface on SAMA5D3x
- at91sam9g45_pm9g45.cfg: added SPI Flash section
- added support for SPI Flash devices: S25FL128P, S25FL128S, S25FL256S
28-04-2014 Firmware release v14.4.0:
- PEEDI Firmware split into two images
- atsama5d3.cfg: fix a bug in the INIT section when setting the PLL
- added support for AT91SAM7S16
- fixed bug when parsing the configuration file.
The bug was when "0xD 0xA" (end of line) is split by 2KB boundary
- added generic SPI support for Cortex-M
- added support for K10/K20
- added support for MPC5644C
- added support for AT45DB641E and MX25L12835F
- mpc5125.cfg: added NOR Flash support
- added support for gdb 32-bit THUNB-2 breakpoint
- added support for SPI25 Flash device M25PX16
- added parameter SPI_MODE in software SPI
- fixed bug when programming a NOR Flash with write buffer in big endian mode
- "info config" : added print for supported by the firmware platforms
- MPC5200: added error message when parameter CORE_STARTUP_MODE has only one argument
21-01-2014 Firmware release v14.1.0:
- added some LPC177x
- stm32.cfg: removed old parameter "GDB_READ_IGNORE_TIME"
- added new parameter FLASH in section [DEBUGGER]
- SPI: added Winbond W25Q16BV
- STM32: improved info messages when STM32 is locked
- SD/eMMC: increased timeouts. This fix the bug when write
- added stm32_multicore.cfg
- added LPC1763
- crc32() is now working for all targets
- Kinetis: fixed bug with sector erase
- Kinetis: add mass erase via JTAG interface (the only way to unprotect flash)
"flash this erase" - mass erase using JTAG
27-11-2013 Firmware release v13.11.2:
- added possibility for specific port in HTTP URLs
- fixed bug when dynamic JTAG TAP detection is used
- i.MX6: fixed bug in detecting ONFI NAND Flash devices
- MMC/SD: added address range check when programming
- fixed bug the STM32 flash programming
17-11-2013 Firmware release v13.11.0:
- MIPS32: implemented WAKEUP_TIME after Reset
- added configuration file for atsam4l.cfg
- fixed bug in TFTP client
- SPI: fixed "chip erase" bug
- mpc5554.cfg: added INIT section for EVB-5554 board
- NAND: fixed bug when len > 2G
- added MMC/SD card support for i.MX6
- mx6_spi.cfg added initialization for uSDHC
20-08-2013 Firmware release v13.8.2:
- added "Cortex-M VFP register support to GDB debugging"
- Fixed MPC5200 NOR FLASH agent programming introduced with the latest firmware release
- mx6.cfg: Added note for the non standard JTAG connector of the Sabre Lite board
- Fixed Freescale MPC5200 support, when chained with another device in the JTAG
- Cortex-A, Fixed hardware breakpoints in SMP support
- Added CFG for Vitesse VSC7428.cfg
- changed parameters SCLK_SET and SLK_CLR
- Added another Freescale MC13224 JTAG ID
- Added STM32F2 option bytes programming
- Fixed MPC5600 SPR registers
- mx53.cfg: Fixed iMX53 initialization
- Added Freescale i.MX6 SPI FLASH programming support
- Added software SPI FLASH programming support for MIPS32 Vitesse VSC7428
- Added Altera Cyclone V SoC debugging support
29-03-2013 Firmware release:
- Added Atmel SAM4L FLASH programming support
- Added TI AM335x CFG file
- Optimized "mem crc" command calculating using agent
- Fixed NXP LPC2000 erase
- ARM Angel Debug Protocol (ADP) support removed
- Fixed setting single 64-bit register via gdb
- Added Cortex-A VFP/NEON register support to GDB debugging
- Added Cortex-M VFP register support to GDB debugging
- Added i.MX6 CFG and GDB target description files to enable Cortex-A VFP GDB support
19-02-2013 Firmware release:
- Added Atmel ATSAMA5 Cortex-A5 CPU support
- Fixed Freescale i.MX53 NAND FLASH programming
- Fixed TI TMS320DM6446 (DaVinci) NAND FLASH programming
- Added NXP LPC3XXX SLC NAND programming support
- Added Freescale MPC8306 support
- Set MBAR to avoid some Freescale MPC8300 init problems
- Added TI AM335x CPU support
- Added NXP LPC3250 CFG file for UBIFS NAND programming
19-11-2012 Firmware release:
- Fixed Freescale i.MX28 NAND FCB and DBBT creation
- Added Atmel AT91SAM9G35, SAM9G25, SAM9G15, SAM9X25, SAM9X35 NAND FLASH programming support
- Added STEricsson U8500 support
- Added periodic task support (watchdog kick) support for Cortex-M targets
- Fixed flash programmer serial number feature for big endian targets
- Fixed STM32 XL-density programming support
- Added NXP LPC2929 CFG file
- mx28.cfg: Added INIT section for NAND programming when board is set to boot from NAND
- Added Freescale i.MX6 support
- Added Freescale i.MX6 SMP multi core debug support
- Added Freescale i.MX6 Sabre Lite board SMP debugging CFG
- Added Xilinx Zynq XC7Z020 ZedBoard SMP debugging CFG
- Added Freescale BSC9131 CFG
27-08-2012 Firmware release:
- Added CFG file for Fujitsu MB86R12 'Emerald-P' CPU
- Added Vitesse VSC7428 JTAG ID
- Added Frescale MPC5634M FLASH programming support
- Added software emulation of SPI interface to allow programming of
SPI FLASH memory connected to any GPIO pins
- Added ST STM32F10xxF/G XL-density FLASH programming support
- Added Analog Devices BF59X support
- Added FLASH programming support for EnergyMicro EFM32 Giant Gecko devices
- Added OS awareness for RT-Labs RT-Kernel OS
- Added PPC440 support
- Added TLB write support for PPC4xx targets
- Added SPI Fash MX25L8006E
- Added ST STR71X SPI FLASH programming support
- Added Freescale i.MX28 NAND FLASH programming support
- Added Atmel AT91SAM7XC512 FLASH programming support
- Added Freescale P4080 CFG file
- Added Freescale i.MX28 CFG file
- Added JTAG ID of Freescale MPC8309
- Added ST STM32L1 FLASH programming support
- Added ST STM32F4 FLASH programming support
- Added Atmel AT91SAM9XE FLASH programming support
- Added ONFI NAND FLASH detection
- Added support for more Freescale Kinetis devices
- Added Freescale MPC8536 support
- Added debugging of guest partition running in P4080 hypervisor
02-02-2012 Firmware release:
- Added Freescale P4080 support
- Fixed AT91SAM3U programming support
- Fixed MIPS32 gdb remote registers frame
- FTP/HTTP downloading: hostname or IP can be used (added DNS support)
- Added possibility to work with variable number of targets detected on connect, no need to correct CFG file anymore
- Added Freescale P1020 support
- Added Freescale P1010 NAND FLASH support
- Allowed executing of scripts without target power
- Dual core CPUs do not require multi core license
- Optimized Serial over DCC performance for ARM11
- Added support for TI C6 Integra Cortex-A8 devices
- Added TI STM32F2XX FLASH programming support
- Added virtual serial channels over JTAG to ARM11 targets
- Added GDB remote FLASH programming support
- Added TI OMAP4 NAND FLASH programming support
- Added Micron NAND FLASH On-Die ECC support
- Added TI OMAP4 SMP debugging support
- Added Freescale MPC5644A Debugging support
- Added Freescale i.MX23 NAND programming support
- Added support for SPI Flash devices: MX25U4035, MX25U8035
- Added Cortex-A9 dual core SMP debugging support
- Added support for up to eight virtual tty channels over JTAG, forwarded to eight PEEDI TCP ports
- MPC8500: Fixed MMU translation
- Fixed P2020 cache handling
- Added P1020 JTAG ID and another MPC8315 JTAG ID
- Fixed Linux debugging for P1020/P2020 CPUs
- Added Freescale P1011 debug and FLASH programming support
- Added Freescale MPC5644A programming support
- OS Thread Awareness support: BASE value got from gdb by symbol name
- Added Freescale MPC8347 support
- Fixed "junk received"
- i.MX51: Added 4KB NAND page support
- Added OS thread awareness support for ARM11 targets
- Added support to SPI MX25U6435E FLASH chip
- Added SST25VF064 SPI FLASH support
- Optimized CFI support
- Added NOR buffer programming for non STRATA chips
- Added support for Freescale iMX50 devices
- Added erasing of secured Freescale Cortex-M4 Kinetis devices
23-02-2011 Firmware release:
- Added NOR FLASH CFI support
- Added support for FLASH chip size over 2GB
- Added iMX53 NAND FLASH programming support
- Added Freescale MPC5125 NAND programming support
- Added TI OMAP4 Cortex-A9 support
- Added programming of FPGA/CPLD devices using a JBC Player
- Added FLASH programming support for Energy Micro EFM32 devices
- Added Freesacle Kinetis Cortex-M4 FLASH programming support
- Added Freescale Coldfire OS awareness support
- Added support for SPI EEPROM programming
- Added support for programming SPI FLASH/EEPROM chips on Digi NS92XX devices
- Added support for TI OMAP L138 NAND programming
- Added support for Atmel AT91SAM3 FLASH programming
- Added ARM Cortex M0 JTAG/SWD debugging support
- Added NXP LPC1XXX Cortex-M0/M3 FALSH programming support
- Added Analog ADuC7034 FLASH programming support
- Added Actel A2F200 and A2F500 internal FLASH programming support
- Added iMX233 SPI25 programming support
- Added support for Freescale MC1322X FLASH programming
- Added support for Freescale MPC8308
- Added Freescale MPC8572 dual core CPU support
- Added Freescale MPC8572 NAND support
- Added Freescale MPC8313 HW ECC NAND support
- Added support for Cortex-A8 based Samsung S5PC100 CPU
- Added Samsung S5PC100 NAND support
- Added MPC5121 support
- Added MPC5121 NAND support
- Added support for MPC512X NAND Flash Controller
- Added support for the MIPS based RealTek RTL81XX chips (LEXRA core)
- Added NAND FLASH support on PXA320
23-03-2010 Firmware release:
- Added MPC8500 support
- Added MPC8315 core
- PPC405 and MPC5500: Corrected disabling interrupts during single step
- MPC8300: Corrected disabling interrupts during single step
- MPC8300: Corrected MMU translate
- ARM7/9: user message syntax error corrected
- Fixed sending halted message to gdb
- mx31_qong.cfg: Added 7.5ns delay between CE and WE for NOR FLASH
- edb9307.cfg: new cfg file added
- at91sam9g45:pm9G45: new cfg file added
08-07-2009 Firmware release:
- Added a common OS awareness support ("info threads" for Linux, eCos and others)
- Added support for STRATA Flash with write buffer 512 bytes
12-06-2009 Firmware release:
- Added Freescale PowerPC MPC5200 support
- Added Atmel AVR32 support
- Added Cortex-M3 SWD support
- Added LPC2917 support
- Added reset detect command
- Fixed Blackfin Multicore support
- New version system (9.6.54 means: year 2009, month 06, unique build number 54)
17-02-2009 Firmware release:
- Added MIPS32 support
- Added PIC32 support
- Added DCC support for XScale (allows to have a U-BOOT or Linux console without a serial port)
09-12-2008 Firmware release:
- Added Cortex-A8 support (OMAP3, OMAP35xx)
- Added Freescale PowerPC MPC5510 support
- Added Freescale PowerPC MPC8321/3 support
22-08-2008 Firmware release:
- Added unique serial number support in FLASH programmer
- Added EON EN29LV320 into the PEEDI FLASH database
- Corrected FLASH ID get sequence
- Fixed NAND bad block handling on iMX31 devices
- Improved MMC/SD card support (now supports 1GB, 2GB and 4GB cards)
10-07-2008 Firmware release:
- Added Cortex-M3 support
- Added ST STM32 FLASH support
- Added PXA320 support
- Added new GDB registers frame support for MPC5500 targets
- Fixed MPC5500 watchpoint support
- Fixed NAND FLASH verify
- Made DBGREQ_OUTPUT available for all JTAG targets
- Licenses can be loaded from an external file
- Added AT91SAM7 "flash this secure" command
27-05-2008 Firmware release:
- Added PowerQUICC II Pro MPC83XX support
- Added Freescale MPC8313 NAND FLASH support
- Added Intel P33 FLASH support
- Added beep CLI command
- Improved TFTP support - download of files bigger than 32MB
- Fixed wait command on target disconnect
- Fixed BFIN connect procedure
- Fixed closing of remote GDB connection
- Fixed watchpoint count handling on most targets
- Made COREn_MEMMAP available for Blackfin
20-03-2008 Firmware release:
- Added NXP LPC2000 SPI FLASH support
- Added TI TMS470R1VF688 and TMS470R1VF689 FLASH support
- Added periodic TI TMS470 AWD kick
- Added TI OMAP CPU support
25-01-2008 Firmware release:
- Reworked "reset" CLI command to allow different reset types without changing the configuration file
10-01-08 Firmware release:
- Added ARM11 support
- Added Freescale iMX31 NAND Flash hardware ECC generation
28-11-07 Firmware release:
- reworked Blackfin connect procedure
- added support for BF561
- corrected small bug in ADP debug protocol
23-10-07 Linux patch release:
- Linux patch for kernel released
04-10-07 Firmware release:
- Added TI DaVinci DM644x support
- Added automatic generation of NAND Flash UBL descriptors for DaVinci DM644x
- Updated AT91SAM7 Flash Programmer
10-09-07 Firmware release:
- Added JTAG_TDO_DELAY CFG parameter
- Added Analog Devices Blackfin NAND FLASH programming support
- Added Atmel AT91SAM9263 DataFlash programming support
- Added Freescale MCF5272 BDM support
28-06-07 Firmware release:
- Added Analog Devices Blackfin debug support
- Added Analog Devices Blackfin FLASH programming support
- Added Blackfin virtual memory support
- Added memory and/or commands
- Added flash multi verify and flash multi blank commands
02-04-07 Firmware release:
- Added Freescale ColdFire debug support
- Added Freescale ColdFire Flash Programming support
- Added CLI over RS232
6-11-06 Firmware release:
- Added Freescale Nexus enabled MPC5500, MPC55XX debug support
- Added Freescale MPC5500, MPC55XX Flash programming support
- Added NAND Flash JFFS2 support
29-08-06 Firmware release:
- Added NAND FLASH support
- Optimized connecting to XSCALE CPUs
- Added ALLOW_ZERO_KEYS parameter in TMS470 family FLASH section
- Added COREn_PATH (default path per core) configuration parameter in TARGET section
- Added COREn_FILE (default file per core) configuration parameter in TARGET section
- Changed file path convention
- FILE_XXXX parameters replaced by single FILE parameter in FLASH sections
- Added memory verify command
- Added flash dump command
- Added clock command
- Added execution of the scripts defined in target configuration file from CLI
- Added support of using expression instead of a value in the commands
02-07-06 Firmware release:
- Added Atmel DataFlash support
- Added TI TMS470 series microcontroller support
- Added uClinux debugging support
- Added DCC over TCP support
- Added memory multi load command
- Improved XScale exception vectors handling
19-03-06 Firmware release:
- corrected a minor bug (MAC7100 ); removed parameter STARTUP_TIME
- complemented target connect procedure
11-03-06 Firmware release:
- added MAC7100 support;
- added Dualcore support;
- added parameter WAKEUP_TIME in cfg file;
- reworked target connect procedure
26-02-06 Firmware release:
- complemented Multi-Core support
- corrected a bug in debugging ABORT state

Ronetix specializes in JTAG emulation tools and debuggers for ARM7, ARM9, ARM11, Cortex-M0, Cortex-M1, Cortex-M2, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M5, Cortex-A5, Cortex-A8, XScale, PowerPC, ColdFire, Blackfin, MIPS32 and AVR32 based MCUs. The company supplies complete software toolkits, intelligent debug probes and development boards for the ARM7, ARM9 and Blackfin technology implementations. Ronetix GmbH is headquartered in Vienna, Austria and has an extensive worldwide distribution network.